With the largest fleet in the Chicagoland area, we have built our reputation on performance and reliability. Our experienced professional drivers and quality services ensure that we can make promises that we can keep.

When you need on-site fueling, neither distance, nor time will keep us from delivering on the promises we make. We know that you need fuel on your schedule, not on your supplier’s schedule.

Efficient management of resources, time, materials and equipment are critical elements that affect the profitability of your enterprise. We understand that we can play a pivotal role in your success and we will always be there when and where you need us. That’s why our trucks are on the street 24/7; we deliver most orders within 24 hours or sooner. If an emergency comes up, we can be there in two hours or less. We handle irregular or intermittent schedules without a problem, and work with you right from the start to establish the best fueling strategy for your specific site. When OSCO provides your fuel services, you have a fueling operation that is responsive to your workload and runs by only one clock—yours.

We deliver where your work is, period. No job site is too remote, far afield or out of our reach. We know the challenges that exist trying to maintain control over issues when they arise. We don’t just bring the fuel products to you. When OSCO is your fuel provider, your employees will remain working on-site, being more productive.

We believe there’s only one acceptable fueling strategy: Let OSCO provide your fuel services. OSCO provides a value that can’t always be measured in dollars and cents: reliability, tight delivery windows and a staff of professionals who believe they are part of your team.

If a three hundred gallon tank runs empty due to a forgotten call for service, a big job falls behind schedule and your workers are idled. You can’t afford to let this happen. In fact, you can’t afford to even worry about it happening. And that’s why OSCO is never more than a phone call away.

Our service does more than keep your equipment running, however. It eliminates the time your people would spend on self-fueling and lowers fueling hazards as well. Our professional drivers are expert at what they do. They do their jobs with timeliness, efficiency and safety so that your workers can do theirs.

We will meet your call, your working schedule and your specific fuel needs. We will keep your equipment running, wherever it is, and make certain that your highly paid workers never stand idle for lack of fuel. With OSCO backing you up, your operation will always be up and running because you’ll be able to count on us to deliver.