If you purchase more than 1,000 gallons per month of any type of fuel, you may want to consider bulk fueling. We deliver to bulk fuel tanks across the Chicagoland area, from rail yards, to trucking fleets, to construction sites. We also provide you with the equipment you need to get bulk fueling up and running on your site. Whether you need gasoline, biodiesel, on road diesel or dyed diesel, we have the equipment for you from tank, to pump, to nozzle. If you are considering a bulk fuel system, OSCO will help you with the installation.

In today's environment, competence in supplying fuel requires a good deal of knowledge about all relevant (and changing) ordinances and regulations. OSCO will work closely with you to evaluate your present fuel storage situation in regards to the OSHA and EPA current and forthcoming regulations. We will help you develop the action plan you need in order to be in compliance with any past or upcoming fuel storage upgrade standards as mandated by the EPA.  The decision to be cost-effective, operationally sound and in compliance means you will want to work with us.

OSCO always delivers more than fuel; we deliver the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll always have the fuel you need to run your business. We also provide the support you need to keep your operation safe and in compliance with all existing regulations. Considering the increasing scope and economic impact of EPA and OSHA rulings, and the legitimate safety concerns attached to bulk fuel storage, it's a very good idea to work with a firm that has the expertise you need to do things right.