We guarantee that OSCO offers the most cost effective way to fuel your fleet, period!

Imagine the efficiency and savings your company can realize by reducing the costly, unproductive overtime spent refueling your trucks instead of making deliveries to your customers. With over 90 years of storage and fueling experience, we have the expertise to solve even the most difficult challenges associated with running a cost-effective fleet fuel operation.


Benefit of direct fueling:

Let’s face it, good drivers are in short supply. For every 30 trucks, we fill on-site, there’s one less driver you will need to find to make deliveries. OSCO can help you maximize the efficiency of your drivers.

On average, drivers have to travel 5 miles or more to reach a facility that carries diesel fuel, or that can accommodate a large truck. Having OSCO fueling your trucks and reefers on-site puts you in control of fuel consumption, road miles and driver time.

What could be costing your organization tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary fuel consumption? Unproductive road miles? Time?

With fueling times between 5 and 15 minutes per vehicle and the unknown amount of time spent waiting to fuel, how much time is your driver spending fueling in a line of trucks? What can you get done with a driver who has an additional 30, 45 or 60 minutes?

A 2010 report by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) estimates truck operating costs at $83.68 per hour. Imagine the savings and efficiencies your company can realize by having OSCO eliminate the fuel line.

Trying to collect and balance receipts from various locations and drivers is a daunting task.

OSCO provides daily and monthly fuel distribution reports for each truck.

Storing fuel and filling your trucks on-site has the potential for costly cleanup fees. What will it cost to clean up a spill? Even small spills of 50 gallons can cost thousands to clean. OSCO is responsible for the fuel we pump into your trucks.

OSCO uses professionally trained drivers whose sole responsibility is to fill the running tanks on your trucks.

How do you keep your drivers under 70 hours? It can sometimes be difficult.

OSCO can help you increase your drivers available hours by eliminating the downtime associated with fueling, locations and wait times.

Why pay for fuel in inventory when you're not using it? Fuel sitting unused in storage tanks doesn't make you money; it costs you money. And imagine all the unproductive time spent distributing, keeping records, supervising yard personnel and ensuring the availability of fuel and fueling equipment. If you give your current fueling system a hard look, you may find that 20% - 30% of your expenses are buried in your logistics system.